Effects of glybenclamide on the time of induced platelet aggregation with the correction of an ADMA-like preeclampsia with nicorandil and resverаtrol. Note: A (ADP), B (Collagen), C (Ristomycin), D (Adrenaline) used as inducers; * – p<0.05 in comparison with L-NAME animals; y – p <0.05 in comparison with intact animals

  Part of: Stupakova EG, Lazareva GA, Gureev VV, Dolzhikova IN, Zhilinkova LA, Gureeva AV (2019) L-NAME-induced Preeclampsia: correction of functional disorders of the hemostasis system with Resveratrol and Nicorandil. Research Results in Pharmacology 5(2): 1-12. https://doi.org/10.3897/rrpharmacology.5.35316  

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